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Today's recommendation: 42

Rated 13+

Suitable for Year 8+

Available to buy or rent on YouTube or Amazon


1. Jackie’s teammates have a change in attitude and begin to defend him. Why do you think they had this change in attitude?

2. Jackie says he “doesn’t like needing anyone”, how do you think the support of his friends helped? Do you think the situation would have been different if they hadn’t gotten involved?

3. Jackie Robinson is told they are looking for a player with the courage not to fight back if he is persecuted, insulted, abused, and hated by players, officials, and fans. How can having a “thick skin” be an advantage in life? How might things have turned out differently if Jackie had given in and lost his temper on the field?

4. What kind situations like Jackie Robinson’s exist today?

5. What do you think is the impact of athletes and public figures like Jackie Robinson?

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