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Conspiracy Theories Resource List

Following our article last week about the incident at Capitol Hill, we have put together a resource list, which will provide an insight into the spread of conspiracy theories and highlight the dangers that these beliefs can have on different communities and society as a whole.


The Antill - Expert guide to conspiracy theories

Educational resources:

Burnet News Club: Crisis and Conspiracies

Check Your Facts - Facts, Opinions & 'Fake News'


QAnon and the growing conspiracy theory trend on social media

QAnon 2: spreading conspiracy theories on twitter

QAnon in the UK - the growth of a movement

CST: Coronavirus and the plague of antisemitism

Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group - Coronavirus, fear and how conspiracy theories spread on social media


● At Stand Up! we have been examining and breaking down QAnon's hateful rhetoric in our workshops. To book an advanced workshop about conspiracy theories see here and email for more information:

● Stand Up! Education against Discrimination - Teacher training workshop

Hope Not Hate training for organisations and charities


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