Stand Up! have a robust online monitoring and evaluation system to measure the effectiveness of the programme. This consists of a survey for a control group and a feedback survey for students who undertake Stand Up! training.

Developing and enhancing students' understanding around issues of discrimination through the framework of British Values: students who take part in the workshops are on average 30% more able to identify Protected Characteristics as compared to the control group.

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Providing practical and responsible strategies to counter hate crime: over 40% participants correctly mentioned the name of TellMAMA to report anti-Muslim hatred to, compared to 0 students in the control group. Over 40% participants correctly mentioned the CST to report antisemitism to, compared to 0 students in the control group.

Developing student's understanding and confidence in their civic and social responsibility to wider society: 78% of participants feel more confident after sessions to report a hate crime if they witness or experience it.

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"Just want to say a big thank you to you and your team for coming in to school last week for Life Skills. The students really engaged with it and we feel that they took a lot from it. Without organisations like Stand Up! we would not be able to run programmes like this which are so vital to the school."


Teacher, Kantor King Solomon, 2021