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Stand Up! have a robust online monitoring and evaluation system to measure the effectiveness of the programme. This consists of a survey for a control group and a feedback survey for students who undertake Stand Up! training.

Click here to access the detailed findings from our student surveys last year in partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the Mayor's Shared Endeavour Fund.

Developing and enhancing students' understanding around issues of discrimination through the framework of British Values: students who take part in the workshops are on average 30% more able to identify Protected Characteristics as compared to the control group.

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Providing practical and responsible strategies to counter hate crime: over 40% participants correctly mentioned the name of TellMAMA to report anti-Muslim hatred to, compared to 0 students in the control group. Over 40% participants correctly mentioned the CST to report antisemitism to, compared to 0 students in the control group.

Developing student's understanding and confidence in their civic and social responsibility to wider society: 78% of participants feel more confident after sessions to report a hate crime if they witness or experience it.

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"I enjoyed the workshop led by Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination because I found it shocking that such a large extent of hate is still targeted towards certain cultures simply because of out-dated, false ideas and stereotypes. I also found it really interesting because of the discussion of the historical events that led to these stereotypes that are so prevalent in current society."


Student, Future Leaders UK, 2023

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