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Stand Up! delivers educational workshops, lectures and interactive programmes to students aged 11-18. Facilitators offer a fluid approach to adapting sessions, always aiming to meet students’ specific needs and the school’s social and cultural context. Each workshop is age appropriate and all workshops are offered free of charge.


*60,700 young people have been reached up to date (2017-2022)

Stand Up! is an interfaith programme led by Maccabi GB and CST. Dynamic facilitators from Jewish and Muslim backgrounds model a partnership of collaboration, demonstrating how groups often perceived as oppositional can work together successfully. Through debunking myths and challenging stereotypes about the communities, young people's critical thinking skills are developed. This enables them to identify and counter discrimination safely and responsibly.

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Our interactive workshops aim to educate young people about tolerance and responsibility by framing the conversation around the Equality Act (2010) and British Values. Facilitators use a variety of dynamic methods to engage with students and quickly create a safe and supportive space in the classroom, so that participants can express themselves freely without fear of judgement.

Drawing on the unique and extensive knowledge of our many partners in the hate crime field, young people are empowered to act against all forms of discrimination, racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, whilst developing their sense of responsibility to their local communities and British society.  The Stand Up! project reaches over 10,000 young people every year, inspiring a network of Upstanders around the country.

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Stand Up! is an interfaith programme led by charities Maccabi GB (1098206) and CST (1042391). The project has a culture of partnership development, which support the organisation in three core areas:


1. Educational development, training and consultancy
We believe that all forms of discrimination need to be challenged, so we have partnered with a range of other organisations in the field for mutual professional development and collaboration:

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3. Funding agreements and in-kind support
Stand Up! can only function due to the generosity of our funders:

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2. Policy making, advisory to Government, civic society and social media providers

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