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Today's recommendation: Noughts and Crosses

Rated PG (book) 15+ (BBC series)

Suitable for Year 8+

Available to stream on BBC Iplayer


1. How does the discrimination in this society affect something as simple as a trip out to Celebration Park?

2. Is Callum’s father, Ryan, right when he defends his use of the term ‘blanker’ by saying ‘We name it, we claim it’?

3. What terms are used by the noughts to describe the Crosses? How do you think Sephy would feel if Callum described her in such a way?

4. What is the best way to respond if someone uses a similar term about you?

5. Can violent protest ever be justified?

6. The book 'inspires the reader to wish for a world that is not divided by colour or class'. Do you agree? Does the book feel inspiring in this way to you?

We hope you enjoyed this week's recommendation - Please stay tuned on our social media for new recommendations every week!



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