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Our mission supporting the less fortunate

Who are you and why did you join the programme?

We are the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership programme students and throughout this phenomenal experience we have met people with different backgrounds and beliefs from our age group.

As a group how did you decide on a project idea?

Our skills in teamwork and leadership have been honed to an extremely high level, which is why the idea of teaching children in refugee camps and centres seemed to resonate very well with all of us. As a team we had one main intention in joining this programme, which is to give back to our communities and to experience things out of our comfort zone, we believe that through educating young people, we will be able to spread our message of inclusivity and experience new and exciting adventures!

What have you learnt on the programme so far?

Being part of the Alan Senitt programme has taught us a number of skills and lessons but these are a few which we will reflect on forever; the Upstanders Leadership programme taught us how to work together, even when it was extremely hard to do so, we all have different personalities but we have one thing in common which is that we are all leaders.we all contributed to the project using unique sets of skills in different areas. In order to work together we had to acknowledge each individual’s strength but also the areas in which they wanted to develop in , to ensure we were all acquiring new skills which will eventually contribute towards our learning journey.

How are you planning to carry out your project?

We would like to help refugees by providing necessary stationary and books made by our group . This idea is important to us as we want to break possible barriers between religions through education to help bring discrimination to an end. We know

that most refugees go through difficult journeys to escape horrific conditions such as war, poverty and diseases - starting a life in a foreign place is also difficult, which is why we want to lend a hand and make it easier for these young people to find their feet, by empathising with them and trying to relate through our common age, our interests and by using teaching from religions on respect and harmony.

Sketch draft for the marketing campaign on inclusivity created by GNSA students

- Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership team




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