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Our journey fighting period poverty

[May 2020]

We are the Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Program participants from Immanuel College. Throughout this incredible program, we have learnt many new skills such as public speaking and teamwork. We have also worked on organising meetings in a team structure, creating, planning and using our leadership skills that we have gained from the fun and educational seminars to implement all of our work and ideas into our final anti-discrimination community projects.

We chose to do this program because it gives us a chance to give back to our communities and be more independent as people. It is also a unique chance to introduce ourselves to different people our age with all different backgrounds and ethnicities which helps to break prejudices and it is also really interesting and eye opening to learn about everyone’s religions when we visited different schools and places of worship.

One of the biggest things we have learnt is how to work together in a team. We learnt this through the help of the seminars and our teachers in school. We realised that in order to make the team and our meetings run smoothly, we needed to establish roles for everyone in the group such as a leader, timeline manager, budget advisor etc. This made everyone feel like they have a voice and it relieved a lot of stress knowing that work was spread out through the group. We also learned that we should trust each other and give each other a chance to talk because their idea could bring something unique to the team

Our idea for our project is to focus on Period Poverty specifically in homeless women and girls. We are doing this because many women and girls have to suffer through their periods without having access to sanitary products. As young people, we wanted to help them as much as we can as there are around 500 million people who live in period poverty. We want to make a difference to them and help these underprivileged women through difficult times in life. We hope to make care packages for women and girls so that they won’t have to struggle through their period. To do this we are hoping to do a drive and we have created a GoFundMe page so that if people do not feel comfortable giving sanitary products, they can rather donate money and we will buy more sanitary products so they can still help those in need.

We think it is extremely important for young people, like ourselves, to get involved in social action projects like Alan Senitt because it helps young people naturally explore their interests, hobbies and skills. Social action also helps young people develop a level of social awareness, a sense of belonging and will also strengthen young people's social bonds within their community. It's so valuable to cooperate in social action when you are young because it gives you a good mind set and builds up skills for the future.

You can follow our journey and support us by following our project page on Instagram (@Alansenitt2020ic) or by donating to our page.

- Immanuel College Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership team



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