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Project Coordinator

Dov’s identity and background has driven him to pursue education on antisemitism, and gain a better understanding with old and newer forms of this prevalent hatred. He has taken part in an international educational programme, which brought together educators and activists from 7 countries for an opportunity to learn about historical and modern-day manifestations of antisemitism. He is a firm believer that education from a young age is crucial in bridging the gaps between communities and eradicating hateful views. In addition, Dov is developing his understanding on the impact of extremism on young people and the vulnerabilities that make them easier targets. With the belief that it is crucial to support and educate young people before they become influenced by extremist ideas. Having recently joined the team, Dov is eager to continue providing safe spaces for young people through workshops to normalise conversations around sensitive topics of antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, to empower students to prevent all forms of discrimination.  

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