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We're excited to launch Popcorn with SU!

We will use this space to recommend Films, Documentaries, Podcasts and Books which you can watch, listen or read from the comfort of your home.

These will relate to social justice issues and there will be questions about each suggested item for you to complete.

Today's recommendation: Hidden Figures

Rated PG

Suitable for Year 7+

Available to buy or rent on YouTube or Amazon


1. How were Katherine, Mary, Dorothy, and their co-workers challenged by discrimination?

2. How did they succeed anyway?

3. How has the experience of women and people of colour working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) changed since the 1960s? What kinds of jobs do you think were usually available to women then? Was it the same for white women and women of colour?

4. What would you do if you were told you could not pursue a career or job because of how you look or who you are?

5. What can you, as a student, parent, or ally, do to help others, especially young people, break barriers as Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy did?

We hope you enjoyed this week's recommendation - Please stay tuned on our social media for new recommendations every week!



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