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  • To assess, develop and enhance students’ understanding around issues of discrimination, antisemitism and
    anti-Muslim hate in a sensitive manner, and through the framework of British Values

  • To provide practical and responsible strategies to counter hate crime, including encouraging reporting to school, the
    Police and specialist hate crime groups

  • To develop students’ understanding and confidence in their civic and social responsibility in wider society



  • Emphasise British Values and educate students about the Equality Act (2010) and different protected characteristics in the UK

  • Define racism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate and other forms of discrimination

  • Introduce the basic tenets of Judaism and Islam

  • Discuss and break down stereotypes

  • Present verified and reliable hate crime statistics

  • Sensitively explore young people’s experiences through case studies and real life incidents

  • Provide young people with skills and tools to responsibly challenge hate crime, empowering them to become Upstanders in society



  • Stand Up! is delivered by a team of fully trained educators from Jewish and Muslim backgrounds

  • We deliver 1 or 2 hour interactive workshops to classes in Year 9+

  • Our additional workshops are for Year 10+

  • Schools will receive pre and post-session packs

  • Sessions can be tailored to schools’ needs

  • Stand Up! is for all secondary schools nationwide

  • All Stand Up! workshops are FREE OF CHARGE

Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination empowers young people in mainstream schools to learn about and act against discrimination, racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred, whilst developing their social responsibility in the community.

Stand Up! is an interfaith programme led by Maccabi GB and CST. The programme is currently funded by the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC), the Betty Messenger Charitable FoundationMHCLG and Facebook. It is supported by Tell MAMA and other organisations.

With a 29% rise in the number of Hate Crimes in 2017 in the UK- including anti-Muslim hate and antisemitism - (Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2016/17, Home Office.), this interactive workshop aims to educate young people about tolerance and social responsibility, and give them skills to counter discrimination whilst safeguarding their personal safety. Framed within a broad conversation about the Equality Act (2010) and British Values, Stand Up! currently employs two facilitators from Jewish and Muslim backgrounds, modeling a partnership of interfaith collaboration and demonstrating how groups which are often perceived as oppositional, can work together successfully.

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